Clic24 Charity report and photos

Well, we did it.

Many thanks to all of you as we managed to exceed our target of raising £500 pounds sponsorship for CLIC.  CLIC will receive around £30,000 from the 350 or so riders that took part last weekend and we are grateful that you contributed to that.  The CLIC representative said that approximately 10 children a day are diagnosed with some sort of cancer and the money raised goes into cancer research and into support of those families who find themselves in that dreadful situation.

We also beat our personal target of 24 laps with a total of 25 laps for a joint 9th place finish with two other teams out of a total of 50 teams.

Sun cream was again redundant this year as our arrival at Charterhouse was greeted by strong winds and drizzle and a very cold morning.  Were we in for another monsoon weekend we thought ?

The morning was spent tinkering with bikes, eating drinking and wondering if Gary was going to turn up.  He left for Tokyo on the Monday after so was a bit rushed getting everything ready.  He turned up looking a bit flustered but team now had a full complement and a strategy in place.  Paul C was going to run the Bristol 10K on the Sunday so he was going to do his 6 laps before midnight and then leave the rest of us to do the rest of our six laps each.

We were all surprised to find the course bone dry despite all the rain.  The last few dry months meant the rain was soaking away and the wind was keeping it dry.  After Paul C had done two laps and the rest of us one lap,  we were already fifty minutes up on our target.

At the campsite,  the course actually went through the main marquee,. As you finished your lap, you were greeted by the sound of the live bands they had put on and people sat around drinking beers,  very surreal.

After Paul C had done 4 laps and we had done two each,  we were an hour and ten minutes up,  but then the night was setting in for real and we expect to lose a bit of time.  It was bitterly cold and staying warm was the first priority.  We even resorted to starting cars up and putting the heaters on and also sitting around in sleeping bags. I think I found the best solution and that was to fry up some sausages at three in the morning, perfect after eating pasta for the last eighteen hours.

As dawn broke,  the rain had stopped and the wind had died a bit and it was more comfortable around the camp and we were still an hour up on target.  The course had got a bit damp at night but we stuck to our task and had none of the mechanical or lighting issues of previous years.

Paul L set out on our 24th lap at 9:44 with us very pleased that he had loads of time to complete the lap and we had reached our target.  We were happy to rest on our laurels until Paul came back at 10:47,  saw us dressed in civvies and turned straight round to start a 25th lap.  We thought he was joking,  but he soon disappeared onto the course and out of sight.  Would he make it back by 12 ?

We needn’t have worried,  at 5 to 12,  Paul L appeared on the finishing straight with the biggest smile and we all cheered him in.

Again,  many thanks to all of you for supporting our efforts to raise a bit of money for a very worthwhile cause.  We will be going back again next year for the 10th CLIC 24 where we will be aiming for £1000 and 26 laps !


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